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Unveil the Marvels of PICO Laser with URSA Skincare & Aesthetics


Procedure time: 30-45 mins
How long before you see the result: Immediate
Side effects: Mild Redness
Number of sessions: 6-8
Duration of result- 30-45 days

Discover the transformative power of the PICO Laser at URSA Skincare & Aesthetic. This cutting-edge technology combines precision and effectiveness, redefining cosmetic procedures for unparalleled results.

The PICO Laser utilizes ultrashort Picosecond pulse durations, ensuring a gentle yet highly effective approach to treatment. By converting laser energy into gentle pressure waves, it activates cell signalling, stimulating collagen production and triggering the body's natural immune response. The outcome is radiant, rejuvenated skin with minimal impact on surrounding tissues.

What sets PICO Laser apart is its versatility. From addressing pigmentation issues and bidding farewell to acne scars to overall skin rejuvenation, brightening, and tattoo removal, PICO Laser proves to be the ultimate ally for diverse skin concerns.

In a world where precision meets elegance, PICO Laser stands as a testament to technological prowess and aesthetic finesse. Join us at URSA Skincare & Aesthetic to usher in a new era of skincare, where beauty meets innovation. Experience flawless skin as every pulse of the laser paints a masterpiece on the canvas of your skin.

Discover radiance within with PICO Laser by URSA Skin & Aesthetics.